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So what is a blog? First time for everything...

So what do you write in a blog? Do you jujst ramble on or is there normally a point to all of this?

Well, I have been busy getting a website put together, purchasing loads of new equipment and converting a van so it can be used as a dayvan and transport my stuff aroiund for gigs. there are so many wasy you can convert a van, and there seems to be a million different options on how and what you can do - do you want on board water for a shower? what power supply will you need? adding windows to panels, and so much more.

the equipment i have been buying again seems like a multitude of choices - initially i was going to get some (very expensive) evolve speakers as advised to me by a very good friend, but decided to go down the mackie thump route. the system uses powered speakers, and i have purchased their 18" subwoofer but it really is too big and heavy so planning to head back to the supplier and switch it for a smaller version.

right then, not sure how long blogs should be so gonna sign off, and until next time you lovely people - stevie g xx

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