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Is the 2nd blog the hardest..??

Hey guys - well, been a busy monkey since starting this website up, and i've still got to remember to write a blog. Researching and purchasing sound and light equipment is interesting, hard work and stressful at times. I must thank the wonderful boys & girls at bop dj (Leeds) and guitar guitar (t'up north) for all their help and supplying everything needed for a pro and/or mobile dj. ** google them for more details **

nothing was too much trouble, even when ii had ordered the wrong speaker - both very professional and easy to deal with (and very good prices).

so, promoting myself back on the dj scene - again, very difficult but stick with it. Facebook marketing produced nothing to be honest, but i got 2 urgent bookings from my wix website by people googling "dj's near me". So that has paid for the website and the related content already, and proves the power of google.

past couple of months i have been converting (very badly) a van so it can carry my equipment in the back (securely), and a little sleeping area, shower, etc in the front if i have to travel further or get caught out having installed a set-up and i'm all dirty and sweaty before a gig.

keep safe my furry friends and till next time - stevie xx

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